2015: the rise of cryptos opens up new opportunities for arbitrage trading, but traditional financial players do not dare to position themselves. Eager to take advantage of the rise of cryptos, 3 market traders specialized in arbitrage (based in Paris and London) decided to leave their respective employers to create their own structure, avid for total independence in their strategies, and combine their skills.
After several months of analysis, registration procedures on the main exchanges, implementation of tools (including the first ones on excel!), the first crypto arbitrages are carried out using equity capital.
Difficult beginnings, in a very immature and structured market. But quickly the first results are encouraging.

2016: strong with outstanding performance, former clients are beginning to invest funds.
Implementation of an innovative compensation model (exclusively performance-based).
Rapidly, capital inflows and leads to a strong growth of the business.

2017: fundraising decision to develop teams, tools and infrastructure, and move towards an automated arbitrage platform. The €2,200,000 raised allows us to recruit a team that lives up to our ambitions.
Decision to transfer the headquarters offshore in order to be able to avoid excessively restrictive regulations that slow down the business and generate disproportionate costs, but also to be able to benefit from a much more clement tax system.

2018: launch of the platform's V1.

Mid 2018: V2 beta and opening to private investors with a very low entry ticket in order to democratize crypto arbitrage and raise more capital for a more efficient model.

Early 2019: launch of atrad.io. Atrad's parent company manages the equivalent of several hundred million euros in cryptos, and atrad contributes to raising more funds from individual investors, through a 100% web-based approach.