The same currency pair on two exchanges with different prices presents a basic opportunity for profitable arbitrage trades:

1. A simple example on the Bitcoin: on November 13, 2018, 10:31 a.m. Paris time, the Bitcoin was quoted €5600.9700 on Bitstamp exchange and €5785.9000 on Exmo exchange.
--> By buying and selling simultaneously on these two exchanges, the gross gain (excluding trading costs) was 3.3%.

2. A second example taken a few minutes later, on Etherum (second crypto in terms of valuation) $204.94000 on Kraken and $212.13000 on Exmo.
--> That is 3.51% of immediate gross gain.

3. Last example few minutes later, on Dash: $160.0800 on Cex and $163.8400 on Bitfinex.
--> That is 2.35% of immediate gross gain.

And even after deducting significant costs, the net profit remains attractive.

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