It's very simple:
  1. Register in less than a minute. You must provide your e-mail address and telephone number for security reasons (validation of your transactions in particular). We do not share your contact information with anyone, nor will we send you any mail or text messages.
  2. Confirm your Email address and then enter the code received by SMS on your mobile. Your account is then fully operational, without any further formalities.
  3. To invest, click on the menu at the top "Investment" then "New deposit": choose your deposit method. No fees or commissions on cryptos deposits.
--> Warning : in response to the growing success of our platform, we are facing a sharp increase in account opening requests, as well as an increasing number of deposits from existing customers.
However, since our security model is based on human intervention to validate account openings and certain transactions, we are now required to set a deposit floor (applicable to account openings as well as other deposits) of the equivalent of €/$500. This is in order to maintain processing times and a satisfactory level of service.

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