We believe in the crypto-currency eco-system and strive to do our best to support it and the crypto community. For this reason, we favor crypto-currencies like Bitcoin or Monero as payment method. In the near future other crypto-currencies will be proposed.

Furthermore, we have chosen to open our platform to residents of most countries around the world.
The acceptance of traditional currencies (€, $, etc.), in addition to the delays and costs involved in their handling and their lack of flexibility, requires us to comply with a multitude of national regulations. These considerably slow down our business and generate legal and administrative costs that we would have to pass on to you in one way or another.

We recently added Euro SEPA transfers to allow people who are not yet familiar with crypto-currencies to make a first deposit, but with fees and deposit limits, and for some countries only.

Our business is to generate the maximum profit, without risk, and share it, not to be the eye of Moscow or the free administrative service of the mostly inefficient and irresponsibly over-indebted governments.
The same will apply to your withdrawals. You will then be able to use your money fully again, without having to answer to anyone. Whether politicians and the powerful banking lobby like it or not.

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