It's quite simple and fast:
  1. Log in to your customer area on our site.
  2. In the upper menu, click on "Investments" then "New deposit". Choose your payment method. Click on "Add fund & invest".
  3. In the window that opens, enter the amount you want to deposit. If no window opens, it means that your browser must block it. Click on "Add Now".
  4. A summary page will then open: > A. If these are your first payments in crypto-currencies (cryptos), the crypto address will be sent to you directly by email with some practical advice. Simply click on "Submit payment" and you will receive the email within 24h (manual process that can takes a few hours). > B. If you have already made several deposits, the crypto address will immediately be displayed on the summary page: you can easily copy/paste it to avoid any risk of error. In either case, you will have finished on our site.
  5. You will then have to pay the estimated amount in crypto to the indicated address. > A. If you already have cryptos, send it from your wallet or online account. > B. If you do not yet own cryptos, please read the following FAQ to find out how to get one: How to get cryptos? Regardless of the system used (wallet or purchasing or exchange platform), the syntax of the address will be checked before sending. So check only the first and last characters of the address, that will be enough. In case of Bitcoins and some other cryptos, the address provided on your customer area will be exclusively dedicated to you for this payment only. So no reference to indicate for Bitcoins and some other cryptos. For Monero for example, you'll have to indicate one. If the amount we receive differs somewhat from the amount initially calculated, no problem.
  6. Upon receipt of the funds at this address your account will be credited with the amount received, expressed in € or $, and an email or sms will confirm the creditation to you.
  7. Your funds will then be invested very quickly and therefore productive. 
For each deposit, please follow the procedure above to obtain a new deposit address or reference for crypto that require one.

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