Our business is to generate maximum profit, without risk, for our customers. Under no circumstances do we wish to be or become the eye of Moscow or the free administrative or tax service of any government.

The location of our head office allows us to avoid various regulatory obligations, including the obligation to transmit the amount of your assets and earnings to the authorities of your country of residence (or any other).

You will be free to withdraw all or part of your capital and earnings from Atrad.io to any Bitcoin address of your choice (and soon in other cryptocurrencies), without justification.

In principle, no taxes apply at that time. Transactions between cryptocurrencies are also in principle exempt.
For example, you can switch your Bitcoin assets to Litecoin or Ethereum, or to "stable coins" (crypto-currencies indexed on a FIAT currency such as $ for example) or to any other digital currency, without paying anything to the tax authorities.

However, conversion into a legal Fiat currency, such as the euro or the dollar, or use as a means of payment, must be declared.
It will therefore be up to you to declare your capital gains (and for some countries, your assets) to the tax authorities on which you depend.

--> The above are generalities. We advise you to check the applicable tax rules with the authorities in your country.

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