Here is the procedure:
  1. Log in to your customer area.
  2. In the upper menu, click on "Withdrawals" then "New withdrawal".
  3. Choose your withdrawal method.
  4. Click on "Withdrawal now".
  5. In the window that opens, enter the amount you want to withdraw. If no window opens, it means that your browser must block it.
  6. Click on "Request this withdrawal".
  7. A summary page will then open: check the amounts and then indicate the crypto address where you want to receive your withdrawal. Add a possible message to our attention.
  8. Then finish by clicking on "Accept and submit the withdrawal".
This withdrawal will remain pending until the last day of the month; it will then be validated and executed the next day.
Only one possible withdrawal per month, to be requested up to the penultimate day of the month and executed on the first day of the following month.
If you have already made a withdrawal request during the month (being pending) and you finally want to withdraw a different amount, you can delete it at any time up to the penultimate day of the month.
Then make a new withdrawal request following the procedure above.

  • To work and therefore earn interest, your account must have a credit balance of at least €/$500.
  • To collect interest on your godchildren, your account must have a credit balance of at least €/$1,000.

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