Far beyond Bitcoin, the unregulated crypto market offers enormous opportunities.
However, its high volatility makes it very risky if you confine yourself to traditional trading.

Arbitrage makes it possible to take advantage of these strong price variations by identifying them and then, in its simplest version, by buying and selling simultaneously the same cryptocurrency on two different marketplaces to pocket the difference, without any particular risk.
It does not matter whether prices rise or fall: the more they fluctuate, the greater the arbitrage opportunities.

While the theory is very attractive at first glance, its implementation is very complex.
Arbitrage trading platforms offer you tools to trade (sometimes highly sophisticated), but assume that you register yourself on each of the exchanges and then perform the trading yourself, by mastering its techniques and spending a lot of time there, stress and sleepless nights!

Atrad.io finally provides you with a 100% managed solution: apart from registering and depositing sufficient funds, there is nothing else to do.
No knowledge or other action is required from you.
Atrad.io is the first fully managed arbitration service (from a customer perspective) open to a wide public.

Our automated arbitrage trading platform makes possible for small investors to participate in arbitrage trading and earn much more profits than they would be able to make if they tried it in on their own.

To know more about atrad.io: based on our experience, we have developed specialized robots and algorithms that monitor the market 24/7 to find the most profitable transactions (and even begin to anticipate them). Each opportunity is then automatically analyzed and, if the criteria are met, executed in an extremely short period of time using our dedicated infrastructure. The winnings are then secured and added to your available balance to be reinvested as soon as possible.

Not only does the prior analysis and ultra-fast execution make the risk almost zero, but one of our prudential rules means that we never invest more than 20% of your assets in the same arbitrage.