Invest is very easy and done in two steps:

1. Immediate Sign up as a new user.
No identity check. In addition to your first names, surnames and country of residence, your Email and mobile number will be required to secure your transactions.

2. Deposit from €/$500, mainly in crypto-currencies (Bitcoin or Monero for the moment); now possible to pay in Euro by bank transfer for small deposits*.
No charge on cryptos deposits.
* See FAQ: "Why can't I invest easily in Euros or Dollars?" for more details.

Upon receipt (about ten minutes in principle for cryptos), your funds are ready to be invested (and are generally invested within 24 hours).

Your earnings are accumulated and automatically reinvested.
Your balance is calculated on the last day of each month (and not on a run-of-river basis) and expressed in euros.
You can add funds to your balance at any time, and withdraw all or part of your funds on the 1st day of each month (at no charge).

See FAQ section "Invest" for more details.